Sunday, May 8, 2011

May 8 Salad

Curry powder is becoming one of my go-to seasonings in the spice cabinet. A little bit goes a long way, and really, what doesn’t taste better with a little curry essence?

This salad is the end result of a week-long craving I’ve had for Indian food. This recipe makes enough chicken salad for four entrée-sized salads.

Curried Chicken Salad
¼ cup mayonnaise
½ cup fat-free plain Greek yogurt
1 teaspoon curry powder
3 cups cooked, diced chicken breast (this came from two boneless chicken breasts)
1 cup peeled, seeded and diced cucumbers
1 cup red grapes, halved
Baby greens
Balsamic vinaigrette (See my May 5 post for the recipe)

Combine mayonnaise, yogurt and curry powder in a medium bowl until blended. Stir in chicken and cucumbers and stir until coated. Start out each plate with a couple handfuls of baby greens drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Add a spoonful or two of the curried chicken mixture and top with a handful of grapes. Serve with warm naan for an even better meal.

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