Thursday, January 21, 2010

New shopping bag a hit in the checkout line

I’ve got a trunk full of reusable shopping bags, and, like snowflakes, no two are alike.

I do my best to avoid bringing home paper or plastic, and take pride in my collection of bags, which range in size and textile.

My newest bag, a Christmas gift from my boyfriend’s sister, is getting rave reviews from grocery clerks. Two separate checkers at two separate stores, plus a lady behind me in line at the register, have all commented on (and complimented) my EnviroVogue Multi-Tote, which sports a bold black-and-white polka dot pattern — way more flashy than my Trader Joe’s canvas totes. It’s quite sleek, and holds a substantial amount of booty.

What’s also cool about EnviroVogue is that the Seattle-based company donates a portion of each bag’s proceeds to “good causes that inspire us” (as it reads on their Web site) such as the hunger-relief charity Feeding America. I’m also delighted to discover EnviroVogue makes mini-totes, which look like they’d make great reusable lunch bags.

Most EnviroVogue Multi-Totes go for $9.95, while the Mini-Totes go for $7.95. Both sizes are available in a variety of patterns.


  1. that's cute! all my reusable grocery bags are ugly & boring because i'm cheap & they've all been free. :)

  2. Oh its so-oo nice to hear all those compliments. This is Elizabeth, and I founded the company. Thanks again!