Monday, November 23, 2009

Why limit the birthday celebration to just one wonderful meal?

I know it's not quite Turkey Day, but here's what I'm thankful for right now: an awesome birthday.

I've spent past few days celebrating my birthday with some of my favorite people. A lot of that celebrating has involved delicious food.

First up was a wonderful dinner with my boyfriend Chris, who took me to Grange, a restaurant in Downtown Sacramento the two of us have been drooling over for months. The entire meal was heavenly, from the marinated olives with olive oil and goat cheese to the entrees -- I chose a New York steak served with potatoes and brussels sprouts, while Chris killed it with ordering in the form of a duck breast with sweet potatoes and plums.

My second celebratory feast was dinner with the family at Mas Cocina Mexicana, a sort of sister restaurant to one of my favorite Sacramento spots, Ernesto's. Any place that serves bean dip with its chips and salsa is OK by me, and these guys make a mean shrimp chimichanga.

I spent this past weekend in the Bay Area with some of my girlfriends, and gorged on gooey cheese at Matterhorn, a place I've wanted to try for years, ever since I spotted their "Fondue Festival" banner while cruising down Van Ness. Step into the Matterhorn and you'll feel like you've been transported to the Swiss Alps.

Lucy, Kimmy, Colleen and I opted for the "Oh La La" (a blend of French raclette and Camembert) and the "Highlander," a melty mess of cheddar, gruyere, and a "wee dramm" of whiskey. We all scarfed the fondue with help of bread, apples and sausage. Dessert, a dark-chocolate fondue served with marshmallows and fresh fruit, put us all in serious food coma.

I feel so lucky to have shared my birthday, and some seriously delicious meals, with such wonderful people.

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