Sunday, November 1, 2009

Scaring up some Halloween fun in the kitchen

Papa Murphy’s ain’t got nothing on me.

They think they’re so cute, selling a jack-o-lantern pizza.

My problem with this pizza — and this, I must point out, is my only problem with their pizza — is the lack of toppings. Sure, there’s a border of pepperoni, and a couple more to make this guy’s eyes, nose, and face. But two olives slices, one for each iris? Totally weak.

I celebrated Halloween with a jack-o-lantern pizza of my own, using slices of turkey pepperoni to cover the ol’ pumpkin’s face, as well as a hefty application of marinara sauce, shredded mozzarella and sliced mushrooms and olives. I dorked out and carved some mushrooms, olives and red bell pepper to create the eyes, nose and mouth.

The ingredients cost a few more dollars than Papa’s pie, which sells for $6.99 in our area, but I was much more pleased with my pizza.


  1. It was delicous. I'm hungry for more of the leftovers right now!

  2. I like it, nice work!

    A friend linked to this meat hand last week, and while funny, I bet it didn't taste as good as your pizza: