Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Passing on pork, but pausing at turkey ham

I don’t dig on swine. Well, that’s mostly true.

Since my high school days, pork has been on my bad side — too much Easter ham, or maybe too many too-chewy strips of bacon?
There’s nothing religious or ethical about this decision to keep pork out off my plate, and I definitely make exceptions for what could be considered the nastier side of the other white meat, because really, country gravy just isn’t the same without some serious sausage.

Laugh all you want — I still won’t try that pork chop.

I have purchased my fair share of turkey bacon, and love cooking with Italian turkey sausage. My most recent pretend-it’s-pork experiment comes in the form of turkey ham.
I had a coupon and decided to give it a go. The turkey ham wasn’t too spendy — $4 for a two-pound hunk—and lean, with 3 grams of fat per two ounces of meat.

This poultry-meets-pig cubed up nicely and added a great smoky, meaty touch to this Bon Appetit baked pasta recipe, which I also spiced up with a tablespoon of red pepper flakes.

Next morning, I chopped up some more ham and made a sort of Denver omelette with diced green bell pepper, mushrooms and chives.

I’ve still got enough meat in the fridge for another recipe. Any suggestions?


  1. I must mildly protest to this subtle swine hating. Turkeys are vicious flightless birds. A turkey named George tried to poke my Aunt Deane's eyes out when she was a lttle girl growing up on our family ranch in Montana. I digress, I will simply end by saying I prefer pig sausage over turkey any day.

  2. Pigs are clean, cute, and delicious. Are you going to have a blog about your belief in Taco Bell's soy beef?

  3. So with or with out the cute piggy ... would you make this recipe again?

  4. Bill, George sounds nuts. Lu, thanks for the idea. And yes, I would definitely make this recipe again!

  5. We will change your mind at next year's pig roast. It won't be cured or chewy, just delicious. May 2010.