Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Don’t you want One More Taste?

I’ve always enjoyed hanging out in the kitchen, whether it’s because I’m the chef or just to keep someone else company. No matter who’s doing the cooking, my witchy little fingers are always the ones dipping into the frying pan or mixing bowl to sneak a sample. When it’s me at the stove, I claim it’s quality control. But really, no matter who’s wearing the apron, if it’s good, I’m gonna want another bite. My nana always scolded me for this, but a quick swat of the hand was always worth it for a little nibble of fresh-cut tomato or a steaming forkful of scalloped potatoes.

I also believe there’s no shame in going back for seconds when your taste buds have been hypnotized.

I started this blog because I enjoy food. Cooking is a rewarding challenge—you get to eat your creations, after all—and I’ve always been the kind of girl who’d rather spend her fun money on a nice dinner instead of a new handbag. I hope you find One More Taste to be delicious.

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  1. "Ham" recipe. Use sausage or ham and cut up into bite-sized pieces. ***Sprinkle a half tsp of cinnemon on the ham and stir. Brown on both sides and set aside. Slice an apple (cruncy is best) into bite-sized pieces into the pan which has enough melted butter or margerine to cover the bottom of the pan. Add another half tsp to the mixture and stir. When the apple is slightly brown on both sides (au-gratin), add the ham back, stir and then add to pancake which has been cooking on one side in another pan. (I buy the mix and keep it in the fridge.) Once the apple and ham have settled into the pancake (15-30 seconds), flip the pancake over and finish cooking. Makes a great breakfast--especially for guests! Good with or without syrup.

    Sometimes I make this into an omelet by using eggs instead of pancake mix. Yummy!

    ***Cinnemon stablizes blood sugar.